Lidia Falcón

Lidia Falcón in 2019 '''Lidia Falcón O'Neill''' (born 13 December 1935 in Madrid) is a Spanish politician and writer. With a degree in Law, Dramatic Art, and Journalism, and PhD in Philosophy, she has stood out for her defense of feminism in Spain, especially during the Transition.

She was a member of the Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSUC) and suffered persecution and torture for her political ideas during the Franco dictatorship. In 1976, she created the Feminist Collective of Barcelona, the magazine ''Vindicación feminista'', and the publishing house Ediciones de Feminismo. In 1977, she founded the Revolutionary Feminist Organization, from which the Feminist Party of Spain was created. Since 1979, she has directed the magazine ''Poder y libertad''. Provided by Wikipedia
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