Marcel van der Linden

Marcel van der Linden (2012) Marcel Marius van der Linden (born 9 October 1952) was director of research at the International Institute of Social History until 2014, is now Senior Researcher at the Institute, and also holds a professorship dedicated to the history of social movements at the University of Amsterdam.

Van der Linden was elected the first president of ''International Social History Association'', founded in Sydney in 2005 with current residency at Amsterdam. He has served as president for 2005-2010, then from 2010-2015, and was again been elected for the period 2015-2020.

Van der Linden is widely recognized in his field for his approach of a "global labour history" which he has developed since the 1990s. Global labour history is seen by many scholars of labour studies as a new paradigm that wants to overcome both traditional labour history and the "new labour history" developed in the 1960s by scholars like Eric Hobsbawm and E.P. Thompson.

Marcel van der Linden received an honorary doctorate from the University of Oslo in 2008. He is also recipient of the René Kuczynski Prize (Berlin/Vienna 2009), and the Bochumer Historikerpreis (2014), Provided by Wikipedia