Jules Gérard-Libois

Jules Gérard-Libois (Ougrée (Seraing), 3 December 1923—Ixelles (Brussels), 26 December 2005) was a Belgian historian and writer. He notably founded and presided over the Centre for Socio-Political Research and Information (''Centre de recherche et d'information socio-politiques'', or CRISP), known for its series of working papers entitled ''Courriers hedomadaires'' (''Weekly Letters'') which he created in 1958, together with Jean Ladrière, François Perin, and Jean Neuville. For years, Gérard-Libois provided commentary by the elections at the francophone Belgian public broadcaster RTBF. He co-founded the African Study and Documentation Centre (''Centre d'études et de documentation africaines'', CEDAF). He was a member of the group surrounding the journal ''Esprit'', and the steering committee of ''La Revue Nouvelle''. As a historian specialised in African history, Gérard-Libois was one of the experts appointed to oversee the tasks of the Lumumba Commission, the Belgian parliamentary inquiry into the circumstances of the murders of former Congolese prime minister Patrice Lumumba and his allies Maurice Mpolo and Joseph Okito. He was the honorary director of information at the European Commission. Provided by Wikipedia
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