We saw in Spain (pamphlet)

1937 WE SAW IN SPAIN ... SPANISH KIDDIES ARE AS LOVELY AS OURS THEY NEED MILK These three smiling children, whose fathers are fighting for democracy, must have the milk we can send. They must be alive and well to welcome Daddy back when the grim struggle is won. Every day the children and nursing...

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Main Authors: Dugdale, John ; Wilkinson, Ellen Cicely, 1891-1947 ; Noel-Baker, Philip Noel-Baker, Baron ; Malindine, E. G. (contributor), Attlee, Clement, 1883-1967
Institution:MCR - The Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick
Published: [c.1937]
Online Access:http://hdl.handle.net/10796/E3FC57CC-4BB8-47D2-BC15-DFD06D57593F

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