What we must know about communism /

Main Author: [by] Harry and Bonaro Overstreet.
Other Authors: Overstreet, Bonaro W.
Published: Norton, [1958]
New York :
author2 Overstreet, Bonaro W.
author_facet Overstreet, Bonaro W.
[by] Harry and Bonaro Overstreet.
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collection Cold War Book Collection
institution Open Society Archives at Central European University
url http://hdl.handle.net/10891/osa:cd5877d2-b466-473a-a860-11d24efc1e0f
language English
publisher Norton,
New York :
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title What we must know about communism /
spellingShingle What we must know about communism /
[by] Harry and Bonaro Overstreet.
[Communism, Communism, Communism, Communism]
author [by] Harry and Bonaro Overstreet.
dateSpan [1958]
topic [Communism, Communism, Communism, Communism]
publishDate [1958]
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