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    Published 1933
    “…Ayguesparse, René Jadot, Charles Plisnier (directeurs), rue des Colonies 12, Bruxelles Redactie: John Dos Passos, Adolf Behne, Victor Serge, Normand Macleod, Kuzno Oya, Manuel Galvez, Edouard Peisson, Henry Poulaille, René Arcos Beheer/Administratie: rue des Colonies 12, Bruxelles Drukker/Drukkerij: Presses des Editions Labor, BruxellesPeriodiciteit: maandelijks"…”
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    by Denning, Michael
    Published 2010
    “…The Cultural Front charts the extraordinary upsurge of cultural activity and theory in America that began during the Great Depression and embraced Disney animators and proletarian novelists alike, alongside Orson Welles, Duke Ellington, John Dos Passos, C. L. R James and Billie Holiday. Spawned by the Popular Front of the Communist Party, it grew to encompass virtually every aspect of high and popular art in the US, instigating one of the most culturally rich and exciting periods in American history."…”
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    Published 1937
    “…With John Ferno and initially with John Dos Passos, who, when he left the crew, was replaced by Ernest Hemingway, Joris Ivens went to Fuenteduena, near Madrid, to film on the front of the republican armies. …”
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    by Jourdain, Francis, 1876-1958
    Published 2 November 1937
    “…WARD, Sherwood ANDERSON, John dos PASSOS Canada : A.-A. MACLEOD November 2 1937. …”
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